(www.wincofoods.com/survey) WinCo Foods Customer Survey - Share Your Feedback and Win $500 Gift Cards

Please visit www.WinCoFoods.com/Survey .


The WinCo Foods Customer Survey offers participants a chance to contribute valuable feedback to enhance their shopping experience at WinCo Foods. This article delves into the rewards, survey requirements, where to use the insights gained, and the official website for the survey.

About WinCo Foods:

WinCo Foods, a privately owned grocery chain with over 100 stores across multiple states, aims to continually improve its services and products. Headquartered in Boise, ID, and equipped with distribution centers and a dedicated workforce, WinCo prides itself on being employee-owned, fostering excellence in its operations.

Rewards of the WinCo Foods Customer Survey:

By participating in the survey, customers not only aid in enhancing their future shopping experiences but also stand a chance to win one of 25 gift cards worth $500, redeemable at WinCo stores.

Survey Requirements:

To partake in the survey, individuals must meet certain criteria:

  • Access to a computer and internet
  • Ability to comprehend English or Spanish
  • Possession of a recent WinCo Foods receipt with a survey invitation
  • Age 18 or above

How to Take the WinCo Foods Customer Survey:

Participants have two options for taking the survey:

  1. Take the Survey Online:
    1. Visit www.WinCoFoods.com/Survey.
    2. Review the introductory content and official sweepstakes rules.
    3. Click the "I agree to these terms and wish to take the survey now" button.
    4. Proceed by reading the survey and drawing explanation paragraphs, then click "Next".
    5. Input the store number from the receipt's top, and user code from the bottom.
    6. Respond honestly and thoroughly to the subsequent questions.
    7. After answering all questions, follow instructions to enter the drawing.
  2. Take the Survey via Online Video Guide:
  3. For a visual walkthrough, refer to this YouTube Video Guide.

Where to Use the Survey Insights:

The feedback gathered through the WinCo Foods Customer Survey plays a pivotal role in:

  • Enhancing the store's overall ambiance and atmosphere
  • Improving the selection and quality of specific products
  • Elevating customer service standards


Participating in the WinCo Foods Customer Survey empowers customers to contribute to the betterment of their shopping experiences while potentially winning a valuable gift card. By sharing their insights, patrons actively influence the future of WinCo Foods' services and products.