(www.kfclistens.ca) KFCListens Survey Canada: Rewards, Survey Requirements, Where to Use, and Official Website

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KFCListens Survey is an online program run by KFC outlets in Canada to gather genuine feedback from their patrons. In this article, we will discuss the rewards and benefits of taking the KFC Survey, eligibility requirements, how to take the survey, where to use the coupon codes, and the official website.

About KFCListens Survey:

KFCListens Survey is an initiative to gather feedback from Canadian customers about KFC's food, service, pricing, and overall customer experience. KFC Canada values its customers' opinions and uses them to improve its services. Customers can participate in the survey by visiting the official website www.KFCListens.ca.

Rewards and Benefits:

KFC Canada offers free KFC Go Cup Coupons in exchange for customers' candid feedback and evaluation in the KFC Survey Canada. The coupon codes can be redeemed for a free KFC Go Cup or a small popcorn chicken or strawberry cheesecake.

Eligibility to Enter KFC Survey Canada:

To participate in the KFCListens Survey, a person must be a permanent, legal resident of Canada and at least 18 years old. The coupon can be used once a month, expires after 30 days, and cannot be used with any other promotion. The coupon is null and void if duplicated or transferred in any way and is not redeemable by workers.

How to Take the Survey:

To take the KFCListens Survey, a person needs a receipt from a KFC eatery, a computer or smartphone with a strong internet connection, and the ability to communicate in English or Spanish. Visit the official website www.KFCListens.ca, choose the language, enter the store number, date, time, etc., from the receipt, and start giving feedback. Answer the questions honestly and get the coupon code by submitting the information.

Where to Use the Coupon Codes:

The coupon codes can be used in any KFC outlet in Canada to redeem a free KFC Go Cup, small popcorn chicken, or strawberry cheesecake.

Official Website:

The official website for the KFCListens Survey is www.KFCListens.ca. Customers can visit the website to participate in the survey and provide feedback on their experience with KFC Canada.

Overview of KFC Canada:

KFC Canada prioritizes customer feedback and strives to deliver an exceptional dining experience. The KFCListens Survey provides a fantastic opportunity for customers to express their opinions, contributing to the continuous improvement of KFC Canada's services. By participating in the survey, customers can receive complimentary KFC Go Cup Coupons, redeemable for a free KFC Go Cup, small popcorn chicken, or strawberry cheesecake. Visit the official website at www.KFCListens.ca to take part in the survey and provide valuable feedback.