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The Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey, available at www.tellbvl.com, offers customers a platform to voice their opinions about Biscuitville's products and services. By participating in this online survey, patrons contribute to improving customer service, ambiance, and product offerings. This article delves into the survey's details, the company's background, survey requirements, how to participate, and the rewards participants can reap.

About Biscuitville:

Biscuitville, established in 1966, is a family-owned restaurant renowned for its Southern cuisine crafted in traditional ways. Operating 54 restaurants across North Carolina and Virginia, Biscuitville is dedicated to serving freshly made Southern food around the clock. The restaurant's commitment to freshness is evident in its frequent batch production of biscuits every 15 minutes. All orders are prepared upon placement, ensuring customers enjoy only the finest quality. Specializing in breakfast and lunch dishes, Biscuitville has earned its reputation as a cherished Southern food destination.


Taking part in the Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey empowers customers to provide valuable feedback, both positive and negative, enabling the company to enhance its offerings. Participants are encouraged to highlight areas that require improvement as well as aspects that are working well. As a token of appreciation, participants receive a redemption code, which can be exchanged for a complimentary medium drink during a future visit.

Survey Requirements:

To participate in the survey, customers need to meet a few requirements:

  • Access to a computer and internet connectivity.
  • Proficiency in English or Spanish.
  • Possession of a recent Biscuitville receipt containing a survey invitation.

How to Take the Survey:

Participants can complete the survey through the following steps:

  1. Visit www.tellbvl.com.
  2. Enter the survey code from the receipt into the provided text boxes and click "Next."
  3. Respond to survey questions about your experience, offering honest feedback.
  4. Utilize text boxes to provide additional insights if necessary.
  5. Jot down the redemption code received on your receipt for a free medium drink during a subsequent visit.

Survey Video Guide:

For those who prefer visual guidance, a comprehensive video guide is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yp6jO5T9Jg

Additional Resources:

Explore Biscuitville's official website to discover more about their offerings and locations: http://biscuitville.com/


The Biscuitville Guest Experience Survey is a valuable tool for customers to communicate their opinions about Biscuitville's products and services. By providing candid feedback, patrons contribute to the company's growth and improvement efforts. Biscuitville's dedication to quality and freshness has made it a beloved destination for Southern cuisine enthusiasts. Participating in the survey not only helps shape the company's future but also rewards participants with a complimentary medium drink.