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In the bustling world of coffee connoisseurs, Caribou Coffee stands as a prominent name, known for its exceptional brews and delectable treats. To ensure their customers' satisfaction is at its peak, Caribou Coffee has introduced the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey, accessible at www.TellCaribou.com. This survey serves as a bridge between the customers and the company, offering a platform where opinions are valued, and rewards are waiting to be claimed.

About Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee, headquartered in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, is more than just a coffee shop; it's a destination for coffee enthusiasts. This company, founded in 1992 by a former management consultant, has become synonymous with quality espresso beverages, specialty coffee blends, tantalizing bakery items, and savory sandwiches. It's a place where coffee becomes an experience, a moment to savor.

With over 273 coffeehouses spread across 18 states and Washington D.C., along with 203 franchise locations in ten international destinations, Caribou Coffee has touched the hearts of coffee lovers around the world. The company's slogan, "Life is short. Stay awake for it," embodies the spirit of Caribou Coffee - a place where people gather to relish life's moments over a cup of finely crafted coffee.

Survey Requirements

Before embarking on this journey of coffee satisfaction, here are the survey requirements:

  • Access to a Computer and Internet: To take the survey, you need a device with internet access.
  • Language Skills: The survey is available in English and Spanish, so you should be comfortable with either language.
  • Caribou Coffee Receipt: Ensure you have a recent Caribou Coffee receipt with an invitation to participate in the survey.

How to Take the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ready to share your thoughts and earn rewards? Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit www.TellCaribou.com: Head to the survey website.
  2. Enter Your Receipt Information: Input the 14-digit code from your receipt into the designated text boxes.
  3. Select the Time: Locate the time of your visit on your receipt (usually next to the total amount spent) and select it. Then click "Start." You can also choose to review their Privacy Policy at this stage.
  4. Answer Honestly: You'll be presented with questions about your most recent visit. Answer them all honestly and thoroughly. Some questions may require written responses, and others might offer multiple-choice options.
  5. Completion: Once you've answered all the questions, a screen will indicate that the survey is finished. You can either close your browser or return to the Caribou Coffee website to explore their menu and other information.

Where to Use Your Rewards

Completing the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey isn't just about sharing your feedback; it's also about reaping the rewards. After successfully finishing the survey, you'll receive a $1 discount on your next visit. So, your next cup of Caribou Coffee will not only be a treat for your taste buds but also a treat for your wallet.

Conclusion about Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee isn't just a coffee shop; it's an experience. From the moment you step in, you're greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the warm smiles of the staff. It's a place where your opinion matters, and the company is committed to making your coffee moments even better.

By participating in the Caribou Coffee Customer Satisfaction Survey, you're not only helping the company improve but also ensuring that every visit is as delightful as the first. So, grab your receipt, share your thoughts, and enjoy the rewards because at Caribou Coffee, your satisfaction is their priority.


Caribou Coffee Official Website: https://www.cariboucoffee.com/home