(www.sharislistens.smg.com) Sharis Guest Survey platform that offers a free $25 Sharis gift card to customers for sharing their honest feedback

To take part in the Sharis Guest Survey platform, please visit www.sharislistens.smg.com.

About the Topic:

This article acts as a comprehensive guide to Sharis.survey.com, the Sharis Guest Survey platform that provides customers with a complimentary $25 Sharis gift card as a reward for sharing honest feedback. It offers an overview of the importance of the Sharis Guest Satisfaction Survey, step-by-step instructions on how to participate, information about the rewards and survey requirements, details on where to redeem the gift card, and the official website of Sharis.


Sharis.survey.com is an online platform specifically designed for the Sharis Guest Survey. Its primary objective is to gather genuine feedback from customers regarding their experiences at Sharis Restaurants. Through this survey, customers have the opportunity to express their thoughts, share reviews, and provide suggestions regarding Sharis' products and services. The company highly values this feedback and utilizes it to enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Participating in the Sharis Guest Satisfaction Survey

The Sharis Guest Satisfaction Survey provides significant advantages for both customers and the company. By participating in the survey, customers contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a strong connection with Sharis while offering valuable insights into their preferences and requirements. Through their feedback, customers can address various aspects of Sharis, including services, food, staff, environment, cleanliness, and more. This feedback is crucial in driving continuous improvements and enhancing the overall customer experience at Sharis.

Rewards for Survey Participants:

Upon successful completion of the survey, participants are automatically entered into a monthly sweepstakes for a chance to win a $25 Sharis gift card. Winners are notified via email, and they can expect to receive their prize within 60 days, providing an additional incentive for customers to share their feedback.

Survey Requirements:

To participate in the Sharis Guest Satisfaction Survey, individuals must meet certain requirements. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, legal residents of the United States, and possess a valid store code printed on their receipt. These requirements ensure the survey's integrity and eligibility.

Redeeming Your Sharis Gift Card:

Redeeming your Sharis gift card is a hassle-free process. Simply visit any participating Sharis restaurant and present your gift card to enjoy your rewards. The convenience of redeeming the gift card allows you to make the most of your rewards effortlessly.

Additionally, managing your gift card is made easy with the official Sharis website. You can conveniently check your gift card balance and expiry date online, ensuring a seamless and convenient gift card experience. Stay informed about your gift card details with just a few clicks.

How to Participate in the Sharis Guest Satisfaction Survey:

To take part in the survey, customers should follow these steps: 1. Visit the Sharis survey website at sharislistens.smg.com. 2. Enter the store code found on their receipt. 3. Answer a series of questions regarding their Sharis experience, rate their satisfaction, and provide personal contact information.


In conclusion, Sharis.survey.com offers a platform for customers to provide valuable feedback about their experiences at Sharis Restaurants. By participating in the Sharis Guest Satisfaction Survey, customers contribute to the improvement of services and have a chance to win a $25 Sharis gift card. For more information, please visit the official Sharis website at www.sharis.com.