(www.thorntons.co.uk/tellus) Thorntons Customer Experience Survey - Share Your Feedback and Win Exciting Rewards

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About Thorntons:

Thorntons, a renowned confectionery brand, highly values your feedback and strives to enhance your experience. In pursuit of this goal, they have introduced the Thorntons Customer Experience Survey on their official website, www.thorntons.co.uk/tellus. By actively participating in this survey, you have the wonderful opportunity to provide valuable feedback and suggestions, enabling Thorntons to continuously improve their products and services to better cater to your needs and preferences.

Rewards for Participation:

When you take part in the Thorntons Guest Experience Survey, you are automatically entered into an online drawing for a chance to win a Thorntons coupon code worth £1,000. This presents an excellent opportunity to save money while indulging in the delectable range of chocolates and confectionery items offered by Thorntons.

Survey Requirements:

To participate in the Thorntons Survey, you need to be a resident of the United Kingdom, aged 18 or above, and proficient in English. Access to the survey website requires a laptop, computer, or smartphone with an internet connection. Additionally, make sure to keep your Thorntons purchase receipt safe as it is required to redeem the coupon code.

Where to Redeem the Coupon Code:

The Thorntons Coupon Code you receive upon completing the survey can be used either at any Thorntons store or online to purchase a variety of chocolates, truffles, fudge, and other delightful sweets.

Official Website:

To participate in the Thorntons Customer Experience Survey, visit the official website at www.thorntons.co.uk/tellus. On this website, you can find survey instructions, complete the survey, and enter an online drawing for a chance to win a cash prize.


Thorntons prioritizes providing exceptional customer experiences, and the Thorntons Customer Experience Survey exemplifies their commitment. By taking part in the survey, you can share your feedback, have the opportunity to win exciting rewards, and contribute to Thorntons' continuous improvement of its products and services. Don't miss out—visit the official website today and make your opinion count by taking the survey.