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The Subway Customer Survey offers a convenient online platform, accessible at www.tellsubway.com, where patrons can provide their valuable feedback on their recent dining experiences. This survey serves as an essential tool for Subway to enhance its services based on customer insights, ultimately aiming to create an even more satisfying dining experience. This article delves into the details of the Subway Customer Survey, shedding light on its purpose, survey requirements, how to participate, and the exciting rewards awaiting participants.

About Subway:

Subway, a well-known franchised restaurant chain, is synonymous with a menu that emphasizes health-conscious choices. Whether customers opt for takeout or dine-in, the restaurant offers an array of freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, and even pizzas. Beverage options span from coffee to soda and milk, while the dessert section boasts a variety of cookies. With its origins tracing back to Bridgeport, Connecticut, Subway has evolved over the past five decades to become the world's largest restaurant chain, boasting over 2,200 locations within the United States. Many of these outlets feature convenient drive-through windows, and the company's headquarters are situated in Milford, CT.

Survey Requirements:

To take part in the Subway Customer Survey, a few basic requirements need to be met:

  • Access to a computer and reliable internet connection.
  • Proficiency in English or Spanish to understand the survey questions.
  • A recent Subway receipt containing an invitation to participate in the survey.

How to Take the Subway Customer Survey:

Participating in the Subway Customer Survey is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit www.TellSubway.com, the official survey website.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the survey instructions.
  3. Enter the Subway store ID from your receipt and click "Submit."
  4. Automatically, the store ID will be populated for you. Indicate the date, time, payment method, and host order ID from your receipt.
  5. Using a scale of 1 to 10, rate your satisfaction with each question or comment.
  6. Respond to inquiries about recommending the store, overall experience, and satisfaction with listed items.
  7. Share your input on topping availability and the option to compliment any team member.
  8. In case of a problem, detail the issue in the provided space.
  9. Enter the frequency of your Subway visits.
  10. Provide your email address to receive a special cookie code.
  11. Opt-in for news and offers from Subway by selecting "yes."
  12. If you're open to further communication, indicate "yes."
  13. Retrieve the cookie code from your inbox and jot it down on your receipt for redemption.

Rewards and Usage:

As a token of appreciation for completing the survey, participants receive a coupon code for a complimentary cookie during their next Subway visit. This reward adds a delightful incentive for patrons to share their opinions and contribute to the restaurant's ongoing improvement.


The Subway Customer Survey, hosted at www.tellsubway.com, stands as a testament to Subway's commitment to customer satisfaction. By actively engaging patrons in the feedback process, Subway not only gathers valuable insights but also rewards participants with a free cookie as an expression of gratitude. This mutually beneficial interaction fosters a sense of community and ensures that Subway continues to evolve and cater to its customers' preferences. To learn more about Subway's offerings and locations, visit the official Subway website: http://www.subway.com/en-us.