(www.bwwlistens.com) Buffalo Wild Wings Rewards Survey: Share Your Opinions and Enjoy Discounts

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About Buffalo Wild Wings

Discover the Buffalo Wild Wings Rewards Survey on www.bwwlistens.com, an online platform designed by Buffalo Wild Wings to gauge customer opinions on their services and products. This digital survey empowers you to participate from the comfort of your home whenever you find a moment. Ensure you complete the survey within 48 hours of your Buffalo Wild Wings visit to avail the coupon and survey benefits.

Rewards for Your Opinions

Participating in the survey grants you the opportunity to voice your grievances, praises, or any concerns from your recent dining experience. As a token of appreciation, you'll receive a coupon code, entitling you to a discount at Buffalo Wild Wings on your subsequent visit. Remember, while the coupon is an option, it's not mandatory for survey participation.

Survey Requirements and Steps


  • Access to a computer and the internet.
  • Proficiency in English or Spanish.
  • A recent Buffalo Wild Wings receipt containing the survey invitation.

Online Steps:

  1. Navigate to www.bwwlistens.com.
  2. Choose your preferred language and proceed.
  3. Review the survey guidelines and continue.
  4. Input the store number from your receipt as directed and proceed.
  5. Enter the last 20 digits of your check number, following the instructions provided.
  6. Respond candidly to the survey questions regarding your recent visit.
  7. Once you've answered all questions, receive a coupon code.
  8. Jot down the code and adhere to the instructions. Present the code during your next visit to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy a discount on your purchase.

Where to Use Your Reward

Utilize the coupon code received from the survey during your next visit to Buffalo Wild Wings and enjoy a discount on your order. This offer adds an extra layer of satisfaction to your dining experience.

Buffalo Wild Wings: More Than Just Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is renowned for its delectable wings and an array of mouthwatering seasonings and sauces. Beyond wings, the fast-food chain offers an extensive menu that includes salads, burgers, appetizers, and various takeout options. Established in 1982 by a group of friends, the chain has grown to encompass nearly 1100 locations across all 50 states and multiple countries. The brand boasts a vibrant sports bar ambiance, complete with a selection of beers and live sporting events on large screens.

Conclusion: Explore, Engage, and Enjoy!

The Buffalo Wild Wings Rewards Survey on www.bwwlistens.com is your passport to sharing your thoughts while securing discounts for your future visits. Delve into the survey, express your opinions, and enhance your dining encounters. Buffalo Wild Wings extends the invitation to both its flavorful menu and an opportunity to actively contribute to its continuous improvement.