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Discover an opportunity to enhance your dining experience with Popeyes through the Guest Experience Survey available at www.Tellpopeyes.com. Popeyes invites you to participate in this online customer satisfaction survey, offering you the chance to provide valuable feedback on your recent visit. By sharing your insights, you contribute to the refinement of their services, leading to an even more enjoyable experience for you and fellow customers. Read on to explore the details of this survey, the rewards it offers, survey requirements, and where you can use them.

About Popeyes:

Established in 1972 by Alvin C. Copeland Sr., Popeyes has grown into a renowned culinary establishment with a deep Southern heritage. The company gained popularity by introducing buttermilk biscuits to the community in 1983 and has since become synonymous with flavorful chicken, vegetables, biscuits, and irresistible Louisiana-style cuisine. Operating over 2,000 locations and boasting profits exceeding $206 million, Popeyes stands as a testament to quality and taste. Its menu presents a delectable variety, and the company offers various discounts to make their scrumptious platters even more accessible.

Rewards for Your Insights:

Your participation in the Popeyes Guest Experience Survey not only contributes to improvements but also rewards you with a token of appreciation. Upon completing the survey, you will receive a validation code. This code grants you the privilege of enjoying two pieces of chicken and a biscuit for free with the purchase of a large drink. It's a gesture that reflects Popeyes' gratitude for your time and effort in providing feedback.

Survey Requirements:

To engage in the survey process, a few basic requirements need to be met:

  • Access to a computer and internet connection.
  • Proficiency in English or Spanish.
  • A recent Popeyes receipt containing an invitation for the survey.
  • Age of 18 or older to participate.

How to Participate:

Participating in the Popeyes Guest Experience Survey is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit the survey website at https://www.tellpopeyes.com/.
  2. Choose your preferred language (English or Spanish).
  3. Enter the restaurant number, time, date, and total amount spent to begin the survey.
  4. Use a five-point scale to rate your satisfaction with different aspects of your experience, from speed to team members' friendliness.
  5. Provide additional feedback if you encountered any issues during your visit.
  6. Share your likelihood of recommending the restaurant and returning in the future.
  7. Explain your reasoning for your previous answers, offering valuable insights for improvement.
  8. Answer a few more questions about your visit.
  9. Complete classification questions to help Popeyes understand their customer base better.

Where to Use Your Rewards:

Once you've completed the survey and received your validation code, head to any participating Popeyes location. Present the code to enjoy two pieces of delectable chicken and a biscuit at no additional cost when you purchase a large drink. This reward is Popeyes' way of expressing their commitment to your satisfaction.

Official Website and Conclusion:

For more information about Popeyes, their offerings, and locations, visit the official website at https://popeyes.com/. In conclusion, the Popeyes Guest Experience Survey not only empowers you to shape your dining experience but also offers you a tangible token of appreciation for your input. Your feedback contributes to the continuous improvement of Popeyes' services, making every visit an even more delightful one.